Recommendations from Scot’s previous assignments:

“We hired Scot as a senior project manager and program manager. Scot has exceptional communication, facilitation and interpersonal skills and he relates easily to all levels. He is professional and ensures that meetings stay on topic and all outcomes are delivered with quality. His projects stay on budget and in scope. He has a great ability to quickly see the entire scope in very large enterprise environments and understands how to employ project management methodologies for the best results. He instills in senior management the confidence that their requirements and needs are being well managed as evidenced by our client’s insistence on keeping Scot on assignment beyond the predefined contractor limits. They recognized the quality and value Scot brought to their company and I can sincerely recommend Scot for senior level project management and senior level program management.”

Lisa TietgenTechnical Recruiter, Codeworks, Inc.

“Scot has a unique blend of business, technology, relationship management and leadership skills. These skills have come to full maturity through his diverse experience in different industries and functions. Scot has led, coached and mentored leadership teams to build high performing organizations. He has established close working relationships with customers at all levels. Scot has built the appropriate infrastructures of processes, skills and technology to create high value results in different organizations.”

Daud Mahmud, First Vice President, Washington Mutual

“It is my pleasure to offer a recommendation for Scot. We have worked together at WaMu for four years in different capacities, as both our roles changed frequently. One of Scot’s many strengths is his ability to adapt to the organization’s needs and turn change into opportunity. He is also one of the most data-driven professionals I have ever met and offers a lot of valuable input to critical decision making within the organization through his analytical strengths. He is also great at people management and his teams consistently reflect his drive for excellence. Scot would be an asset to any organization that is lucky to have him and I’d love a chance to work with him once again.”

Aarti Shrikhande, Vice President, Washington Mutual

“Scot is talented, highly organized and has great follow-through.  I worked closely with Scot for 5+ years while he successfully led technical analysts who specialized in areas such as: Quality Assurance, Workforce Management, Scheduling, Forecasting, Business Systems Tier II application support and Knowledge Management.  I admire his ability to remain focused and on task through company reorganizations, downsizing and budget constraints.  He has a keen sense of looking at the big picture and constantly pushes himself and his team to strive for excellence every day, while eliminating unnecessary distractions.  He offers a unique perspective with great vision and thoughtful strategy.  I truly appreciate him recommending reading material, quotes and techniques that inspire and encourage others to develop themselves.  He is a strong advocate for creative ideas, working toward your goals and being true to your talents.  He enjoys seeing his team succeed as much as he enjoys succeeding himself.”

Lynda Kamrath, Vice President, Washington Mutual


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