How to get in touch or ask your questions

I’m here to serve you. Please read the following guidelines:

  1. I LOVE hearing from my readers. Please note that I do nothing with your e-mail address except respect the privacy associated with it.
  2. I do not accept guest posts. (You’d be surprised how many of these folks don’t read this). Sending me link requests, SEO optimization, ad requests, “you might like this article” and all of that sort of stuff is a waste of your time because I won’t read it. (You’d also be amazed at the incredible number of people who don’t read this either)
  3. I am a real person. You know, a person who has feelings. Sometimes people forget that.
  4. I have boundaries. If it is the weekend or a holiday, don’t expect to hear from me.
  5. I try to respond to your requests within 24-48 hours. I trust that you can do the math if a holiday or weekend day is involved.
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