Siri helps you send and receive texts while driving

We all know that texting and driving is dangerous. Because it is dangerous.

But using Siri, Apple’s ubiquitous assistant, can help.

Kate found out that Siri can send texts to others. And, when they reply, Siri can read the response back to you.

It’s pretty easy to do, too.

Ask Siri to “send a text to Kate” and Siri looks at my contacts and knows Kate is my wife. Siri responds to “send a text to (Kate’s email address)? Answer yes and say the text to send to Siri. Siri repeats it, sends it, and away you go.

And with the response, you can hear the ding or feel the vibration on your iPhone. Then ask Siri to read the text that was just received.

And she does.

Apple, after a very slow start with Siri, has really turned on the different ways to help you. Siri with the Apple Watch or the iPhone giving you reminders. Siri popping up when you are a nearby location with something you wanted her to remind you about – like pick up a hammer at the hardware store when you are driving by it. Or telling Siri to play all the top hits from the ’80’s.

There are hundreds of things Siri can help you with quicker than typing or looking.

So when in doubt, ask Siri. You might be amazed that we’re living in an age where people can say “computer” like on Star Trek and you’ll get a response from Siri. But we’re there — and it is getting better all the time.

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