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3 Types of posts for this site – until I change my mind

When you start a new web site, especially a personal website, one of the critical decisions you need to make is what you’re going to write about for topics. You want to have people be interested in what you write, you want to make what you write about useful for the person reading it, and you want to write about stuff that is interesting personally whether or not it is marketable.

You could, of course, have this be a cat blog, but that’s not my style. But I’m sure I’ll start off with a few personal things before getting into the specific topics I’ve decided to write about here. And I have two rescued Greyhounds. I suspect a few pictures will show up with them in it. If you don’t like pictures of greyhounds once in a while, well, don’t read those articles…

For my personal site I decided to talk about three different areas:

First, since my day job is project management I wanted to talk about project management topics, experiences, and best practices.

Second, I am a pretty big renewable energy person and I have put my money where my mouth is. Not only do we have an exceptional amount of insulation in our home, but we also have a 6.5 kWh solar array on the roof, and, I also own a Nissan Leaf, a one hundred percent electric car.

Third, I’m a large proponent of getting things done, or, as it’s commonly known, GTD, and as a result, I have a fair amount of interest in how to be organized and productive with the tasks you want to accomplish. Mostly because I never am organized, am constantly trying new ways to get organized, and consequently have a lot of theory and practice about what works and most what doesn’t work.

I’m sure some personal stuff will show up — my first article here a while ago was what happened when I tried to change hosting companies for my web sites — and my wife, Kate, and I are in the process of bumping out the back of our house to do a kitchen remodel (getting cement poured is a big deal!), so…it’s my personal site. I’ll stay on the three topics, but expect some personal stuff to show up on a personal site.

Here we go…and thanks for joining me.

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