Success in business is executing for results and respecting the people doing the work.

Results Matter

After completing my first project long ago, I went to my manager and asked for feedback on my work. The meeting laid the groundwork for all the work I have done since then. The conversation was short and simple:

“On time?” Yes.

“On budget?” Yes.

“Customer Satisfied?” Yes.

“Congratulations, you have completed a successful project.”

The world is much more complex now and the measurements we use to determine success match the complexity. But time, budget and customer satisfaction remain the fundamental results that matter.

I simplify business complexity, but remember the need for results.

People Matter

Business is social. Project work requires the efforts of a team. Every project requires building a new team to get the work done. Respecting the value of each team member and identifying their best talent contribution to the project work makes the project better. I work hard at learning those strengths to create successful projects.

I can work with a variety of teams to meet your business goals and deliver better results.